”Special" Chibi 6yrs old Female  ”特別猫” チビ 6歳 メス


We are looking for a forever home for this lovely Special Needs Cat. 
She's very healthy at the moment. Best as a single cat.
In several studies it was found that FIV positive cats lived as long as FIV negative cats. Thus FIV positive cats continue to live healthy lives for many years. For more details, please read:

1. Name: Chibi (F)
2. Age: 6 yrs old
3. Location: Edogawa-ku,Tokyo
4. Personality/features: Very friendly. Small kitty.
5. Background: This cat had been well taken care of by local supermarket staff. They fed and place a cat litter etc, but there was a toilet problem and their neighbours threatened to call the animal control. We rescured her and now at a foster home.
6. Neutered/Spayed: Spayed.
7. Notes: FIV(+), vaccinated.

1.名前: チビ (メス)
2.推定年齢: 6歳
3.現在の生活場所: 東京都江戸川区
4.性格・特徴: とても人懐こいです。名前のとおり小柄な猫です。
5.里親を探す背景: 江戸川区のスーパーで社員の方や、お客さん達に可愛がられてました・・・・・が近所のご夫婦に裏に糞をすると言われすぐトイレを置いたりと処置をしましたが嫌いらしく「保健所に連絡をする」との事。すぐ捕獲し部屋に入れて有ります。
6.去勢・避妊の状態: 避妊済みです
7.その他:猫エイズ(+) 予防注射済み